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Getting better

I have been writing software for a while, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot, and I feel pretty happy about some of the things I’ve done.

But I need to become better, about two years ago I started to feel that I wasn’t going to learn that much anymore about software and development.  MY GREATEST MISTAKE EVER.

In the two years that came after that, I’ve had lots of problems, I’ve learned a lot about what not to do in a software project.

What’s best, I started studying again using Coursera and Open Courseware, and I noticed something. I don’t know a thing.

I’ve read a bit about algorithm design and analysis, compilers, operating systems the last month. And I’ve learned a lot! But the impressive is… that I’ve just found out that I need to learn a lot more, and now I have an enormous list of what I need to know… just take a look, for the stack of books that I need to read:

  • The algorithm design manual
  • Programming Pearls
  • Hacker’s delight
  • Programming Challenges
  • Competitive Programming
  • Learn you haskell for a great good
  • Elements of ML
  • Purely Functional Data Structures
  • C Programming Language
  • Modern C Programming

I need to solve a lot of UVA problems..

And I’m pretty sure, when I’m done reading that… I will feel that I know even less than I do know.

Thank god.. the only thing that I know I’m good at is learning. And thank god I chose a profession that makes me learn.